The Fishmonger is one of those restaurants that one is not going to forget that easily.

Seafood platter The Fishmonger


Nick Georgoulakis opened in Rivonia in 1992 as a laid back, family friendly, seafood restaurant with a distinctly rustic Mediterranean theme. A formula that since then the Ocean Basket has successfully built into a popular global brand.

Portsmouth street food

[Edit] 29/1/22 Closed unfortunately. Another Thai cafe/restaurant opening in the old premises.

The closest you will get to Thai street food in Portsmouth  is Noodels.  Found in Edinburgh Rd, at the City Shops South Stop A,  just around the corner from the Cascades Shopping Centre.

Best Thai restaurants in Portsmouth, Hampshire on the South Coast

The beef noodles noodles are delicious

Thai noodles soup in Portsmouth on the South Coast

Self service, chilled water and condiments sets seldom seen in the UK.

Authentic Thai street food Portsmouth, Hampshire, the South Coast


Home baked biscuits

Irish biscuits are central to a well established tradition in both Ireland as well as the UK. Afternoon tea or what is known as low tea. Not just a snack. It is an occasion, not to be confused with a high tea which comes a bit later in the day.

Afternoon tea, or low tea, is a light meal in the mid-afternoon when one  can share a  cup of tea with family or friends. Served with small cocktail sandwiches, cake, scones, and an assortment of biscuits. Traditional home baked and preferably Irish biscuits.

The Irish are well known for having a sweet tooth. Particularly their fondness for bread pudding, scones, whisky cake, oat cakes and even toffee. But it is the biscuits which are best known and appreaciated all over.

Irish Shortbread: although generally associated with Scotland, the Irish will argue that it is the butter in their shortbread which makes the difference.

Irish Soda Bread biscuits:  shortbread-like but made with baking soda and buttermilk that is flavoured with raisins

Irish Lace biscuits: made with a flour-free, oatmeal dough, these spread in the oven and look like lace.

Irish Potato biscuits: round, no-bake biscuits flavored with nuts and cinnamon that look like (what else?) potatoes


Country Drive

It was a toss-up between the Sunday Roast and the Chicken and Ham Pie which wafted pass on it’s way to the table behind me. But it was the Roast Lamb and mint sauce I finally ordered.

Sunday lunch in the South Downs


Nearly missed it.

Down the hill from the car park at Harting Downs, just after the turnoff to North Marden. A small sign which is not easy to see, points to a very narrow country road that drops off the edge, down into the valley and the Royal Oak in Hookways.

Best country pubs in West Sussex


A small country pub, set right next to the South Downs Way. Perfect for sitting out in the garden on a beautiful summers day for a spot of lunch, or for huddling next to the log fire for a roast dinner on a crisp winters evening.

Pub lunch in the South Downs

Better on Coals

It just tastes better grilled on the coals. The best Caribbean jerk chicken in Portsmouth and the English South Coast.

Caribbean jerk chicken in Portsmouth Hampshire


Small Island Catering are tucked away on Fawcett Rd Portsmouth specialising in traditionally authentic Caribbean comfort food.

Caribbean food in Portsmouth Hampshire


The food is outstanding. In particular the saltfish fritters and the jerk chicken. Goat curry, pepper beef stew and  sweet potato mash capturing the taste and vibrancy of the Caribbean.

Caribbean restaurants in Portsmouth Hampshire

Homemade cakes

Rowlands Castle Afternoon Tea

36 on the quay van, carrot and orange cake

cake jars which is great if you don’t want a whole cake to demolish in 3 days

Wild Tea Bar

Frog Hollow Catering is at Tuppenny Barn every Thursday

Amy Louise Downie

Michelle Fettroll
Salt shack café have delicious homemade cakes

Charlotte Chalmers makes lush treat boxs different things all the time

Jessica Randall is amazing, perfect cakes every time!!!

EMs Sweet Treats

The Nest café

Best afternoon tea in Sittingbourne Kent

I was delighted when this tastefully-designed café opened just around the corner from us, in a quiet area of Sittingbourne. The road is mostly residential, broken up by a mini-high street of shops ranging from bike repair to a mini mart.

The Nest serves hot and cold drinks and lunches, plus a delicious afternoon tea. The ‘shabby chic’ style decor makes the small café very welcoming, an atmosphere which is helped along by the friendly staff.

The space is also available for rent and regularly hosts events such as craft fairs and activities, where you can make and munch on some delicious food.

If you’re ever in the area, do pay them a visit!
The Nest, 31A Chaucer Road, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 1EZ