Home baked biscuits

Irish biscuits are central to a well established tradition in both Ireland as well as the UK. Afternoon tea or what is known as low tea. Not just a snack. It is an occasion, not to be confused with a high tea which comes a bit later in the day.

Afternoon tea, or low tea, is a light meal in the mid-afternoon when one  can share a  cup of tea with family or friends. Served with small cocktail sandwiches, cake, scones, and an assortment of biscuits. Traditional home baked and preferably Irish biscuits.

The Irish are well known for having a sweet tooth. Particularly their fondness for bread pudding, scones, whisky cake, oat cakes and even toffee. But it is the biscuits which are best known and appreaciated all over.

Irish Shortbread: although generally associated with Scotland, the Irish will argue that it is the butter in their shortbread which makes the difference.

Irish Soda Bread biscuits:  shortbread-like but made with baking soda and buttermilk that is flavoured with raisins

Irish Lace biscuits: made with a flour-free, oatmeal dough, these spread in the oven and look like lace.

Irish Potato biscuits: round, no-bake biscuits flavored with nuts and cinnamon that look like (what else?) potatoes


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