Artisan Charcuterie

Charcuterie is an artisan skill that has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries which is used to preserve meat long before refrigeration existed.

Artisan cured meat and salamis

The British charcuterie movement has started to gain momentum in recent years and has gone from strength to strength.

Charcuterie Board and sharing platters Petworth the South Downs West Sussex

With sharing platters featuring locally produced charcuterie as an option on restaurant menus such as Badgers in Petworth. A restaurant that takes pride in using fresh local produce, as well as specialising in fresh fish from the local South coast markets.

Fresh seafood restaurants Petworth the South Downs

They also regularly offer BBQs, paellas or a rotisserie outside in summer with relaxing views over the River Rother from their terrace.

Paella Petworth the South Downs

Best pie shop on the South Coast

East Wittering is home to one of the best pie shops to be found on the South Coast

Steak pies Chichester Harbour West Sussex

A S Wallace Family Butchers homemade artisan meat pies are hard to beat.

Home made meat pies East Wittering Chichester Harbour

Their pork pies and sausage rolls are crunchy, tasty, homemade and delicious.

Homemade meat pies East Wittering Chichester

Made by butchers who still butcher the way it used to be done and who want their clients to notice the difference.

The Eternal Baker

One of those special places that are only known to a few.

Coffee shops in Chichester

The Eternal Baker is not a tearoom you are going to find easily. That is unless you have heard about it and are looking. A comfortably quaint tea room and coffee shop on site at the Eternal Maker.

Craft shops in Chichester

They offer a light menu panini’s, bagels, toasted tea cakes and chunky toast. As well as a selection of cakes, loaf cakes and tray bakes.

Tearooms in Chichester

English Breakfast – Chichester Harbour

The full English breakfast at the Riviera Cafe in Selsey is a hard one to beat.

Traditional English breakfast Selsey Chichester Harbour

The eggs are fresh, there is two of everything on a large plate and it’s well cooked.

On the whole breakfast menu’s in Chichester and surrounds are all much the same. Not that much variety, a bit dull. No fried bread as far as I am aware and an old favourite;  French toast served with crispy bacon and marmalade is a rare find.

Ham, bubble and squeak topped with poached eggs

Whereas the fried slice is pretty much a standard option on the menus in the cafes in Selsey.

The Riviera also offer sliced ham with bubble and squeak, topped with poached eggs.  A little bit different.  One I enjoyed.

Riviera restaurant Selsey Chichester Harbour

There is plenty of seating and the service is generally fast and efficient. It’s a bit like a retro 60’s Diner with bench seats and tables tucked away in cubicles.