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Food Photography in the South East of England – Fleur Challis is an experienced commercial photographer specialising in food photography, working mainly across Kent, London and France. She provides a range of professional photographic services for restaurants, hotels, catering companies and any foodie related business that requires professional images.  It is very easy these days to buy or even download for free, stock images to represent your business. However, in a highly competitive market, nothing beats the professionalism of your own images that tell the story and uniqueness of your brand.  Whether you need a fresh take for a team photo, a new menu showcased or some product shots. We work with a variety of businesses – many of them in the foodie world – restaurants, chefs, hotels and food producers to name a few, from start ups to big organisations. But we also work with others such as law firms, schools, financial advisors, architects and building surveyors.  All who require creative imagery that reflects their industry and their people.