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Photographers specialising in food photography in the West Midlands

jonathantalksphotography.com – started photography after a self induced baptism of fire at an ordinary catholic school in Nottingham before moving into visions of being a chef at 16. However I decided to then enrol at art college and graduated from St.Martin’s College, Lancaster a few years later specialising in photography and art history. I started out as a wedding photographer working for a subsidiary of Kodak in the south of England working with film and medium format cameras and learning to work with the general public at large. After this I assisted in London and spent my spare time teaching photography before going freelance in 2010. As a freelancer I have spent the last decade honing my skills with portrait, architecture, interior, product photography and working with a variety of clients from many different fields and sectors. I am based in Birmingham as it is such a dynamic city & Nottingham being my home town therefore I cover the west & east midlands respectively. Although I place no restriction on location. One thing I have found is that I am now at the stage where i pride myself equally on service and the quality of the product I deliver, it’s what gets me out of bed.

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