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Food photographers in Wales – to be a photographer is to be a problem solver, to take the brief your client has given you and make it happen. I try to keep my work varied but the bottom line is that I photograph people, whether it be a portrait, ad campaign, event, catalogue, a case study, magazine feature or fashion shoot. I shoot some product work but sooner or later it involves people. I work with a variety of clients, sometimes there is a clear plan other times it can be an organic process and the end result can be different and better than the original concept. Many years ago, I studied photography and tried to keep in mind that one day I’d actually want to earn a living from it. I learned a lot through working at a news and picture agency in Wales for eight years. I photographed for newspapers and magazines, both the glamorous and not-so-glamorous side of the industry as well as PR companies and government marketing departments. In 2004 I started my own business and have never looked back. I began shooting more involved jobs for larger clients and I found a new passion for creative photography which I feared I’d lost after so many years spent standing in the rain at the corner of a football pitch or outside a crown court. Photography and video marketing have become more exciting as social media continues to advance and offer new ways to advertise and promote products and business to customers. Food photography is a very involved subject that requires a lot of patience and cooperation and a damn good chef of course.  Most of the food photography I shoot across South Wales is on location, usually at a hotel or restaurant. This means I have to set up a dedicated studio area to keep everything consistent throughout the entire shoot. Some projects can involve interior photography as well, to add to a website or to build a marketing library of images. It’s often not just about the food but the style and ambience of the place where you eat the food that’s important.