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The Killer Prawns have re-opened. I assume just for the season. I also understand that Casa de Galinha has changed hands as has de Oude Fabriek and Wu’s and I have finally found NumNum. Its the wholefoods deli and coffee shop which is just around the corner from Il de pain where I stopped for coffee this morning.

Whilst enagingly different, one thing I do dislike about Il de pain are their clients. Every time I go there some idiot gets nattering on their cellphone and its something that really gets under my skin. Today there were two of them. Totally oblivious to everyone else around them. Something I feel the owners should make a note of and put a stop to.

And whilst I am about it I might as well have a go the Oyster Catcher. Its a dump thats long past its sell by date. We went there a couple of weks ago and ordered the Goujons which were soggy and grey in the middle. We spoke to the waiter who did refer our complaint to the Manageress. She couldn’t have cared less. The venue looks grubby, the staff look grubby, the service is bad and we won’t be back.

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3 Responses to Cafe Talk

  1. cathi says:

    I totally agree about the oystercatcher. The “manager” there is just there for the end of the month salary!!!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Nice location and as grubby as you say. But the troll that runs it is one of the most unpleasant people I have ever met. I have had to interact with more of these than most. I am used to them by now, can deal with the worst of them. But this one got right up my nose. I will never go near the place again. And I am not the only one. The Oyster Catcher has a bad reputation amongst many of the long time locals I have spoken to. It is not difficult to see why.

  3. Admin says:

    In all fairness I went back for the first time in two and half years. We ordered the goujons again and this time we went back for another as the kids were still hungry. But I agree, what got to me was the grubby staff and worse still the grubby attitudes. That still rankles.

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