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Mugg and Bean is apparantly moving to the new Mall which should be interesting. Thet are keeping the Woodmill Lane location going but are changing the name to Savannha Cafe. The Watermill has changed hands as has Mother Holly’s out at Millwood. The Niqua Choo Choo are packing it in after notice of a 525% increase in rent and Wordswoth Coffee has also closed.  Becca’s has opened where Lunar Cafe used to be and Trio have moved into Hettie’s old shop offering Halaal takeaways and a good curry. We are supposed to be getting a Scooters Pizzeria, Ronnie & Julians Fish and Chips is opening next to Spar and Wild Plum Cakes & Pasteries is opening up in Woodmill Lane near the Lifts. Finally new owners have started renovating Upstairs on Main, the Swing Cafe and a Big Dog Bikes pub above their showroom where Del Gustos use to be.

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  1. We drove out to Mother Holly’s yesterday. The coffee is good, the chocolate cake decadent and soup unlike most, interesting and tasty. But it was the lightly toasted farm bread that came with the soup that is going to take us back for another go at their menu.

    I enjoy that drive and we will be doing it more often.

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