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Limoncello’s at the Waterfront have closed their doors whilst Ocean Basket are supposedly opening upstairs next to Panarotti’s. None of which makes much sense. Maybe they hope to make it third time lucky but I doubt it’s good news for Fisherman’s Cabin. Nerina’s is also opening where Cafe Rossini’s used to be and once again one has got to question why? What is going to be different? That passage leads to empty shops. So it cant be location, it can’t be feet. Luigi’s the ice cream shop next to Spar also looks ominously quiet. I suspect this is going to be one of the hashest and most bruising winters yet.

The Urban Vineyard has opened a cheese and wine deli at the bottom of Gray St in the same building as the Rex Hotel. It looks exciting. it’s different and hopefully will get the support it deserves. Chaplins on Gray, across the road has changed names and is now to the Tin House Cafe, Deenies has reopened as Cafe 9 on Gray and the Anchorage is now doing lunch as well as dinner.

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  1. It’s not just the dynamics of the town. Our economy is driven by tourism and principally from Europe. Businesses in town need to start coming up with ideas and above all else need to recognise that that the only way out of this whole is to start working together.

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