English Breakfast – Chichester Harbour

The full English breakfast at the Riviera Cafe in Selsey is a hard one to beat.

Traditional English breakfast Selsey Chichester Harbour

The eggs are fresh, there is two of everything on a large plate and it’s well cooked.

On the whole breakfast menu’s in Chichester and surrounds are all much the same. Not that much variety, a bit dull. No fried bread as far as I am aware and French Toast, crispy bacon and marmalade is a rare find. Whereas the fried slice is pretty much a standard option in the cafes in Selsey. The Riviera also offer sliced ham with bubble and squeak, topped with poached eggs.

A little bit different. One I enjoyed.

Ham, bubble and squeak topped with poached eggs

There is plenty of seating and the service is generally fast and efficient. It’s a bit like a retro 60’s Diner with bench seats and tables tucked away in cubicles.

Riviera restaurant Selsey Chichester Harbour

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