Try searching for information on food and eating out in the Garden Route. Look for personal recommendations, reviews and news……… I drew a blank.

There is no shortage of accommodation listings all claiming to be in touch with and located right at the “heart of the Garden Route”, but I can’t see it.  As things go, there is very little real information about the Garden Route, what it really is and what it has to offer someone who is looking, and I dont understand why.

This site is being developed as part of a workshop and “a local word of mouth network” which we hope will grow into a community of these sort of sites offering personal advice and information that’s both useful and current. Why not? Why cant we give people something more substantial to chew on? Why not start promoting a Food Route to create an awareness of and more importantly an interest in our local cuisine?

 You can mail us your comments or participate as a guest writer or even edit your own workshop site. Should you decide you want one of your own, they cost next to nothing to set up and even less to run.



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